Over the past decade, the number of women-owned companies has grown at a rate five times faster than the national average, with Florida leading the way. At CCS and Working Women of Tampa Bay, we believe this movement is not only something to be celebrated but something to be cultivated moving forward.

That’s why CCS collaborated with Working Women of Tampa Bay to create the Working Women Foundation: to build a supportive community of mentors and offer start-up grants to women entrepreneurs. By working together, we can continue our efforts to educate, motivate and inspire women in Florida to achieve their business goals. The Foundation offers to opportunities to help achieve these goals through its Meaningful Mentoring Series and the Start Up Grants program.

Start-up Grants
Are you a new entrepreneur who needs a little help getting your business off the ground? Or a more experienced entrepreneur who wants to start a new project for your company? The Working Women Foundation may be able to help!  Beginning in summer of 2016, we will be accepting applications for start-up grants for women entrepreneurs. Grants between $500-$1000 will be available to women entrepreneurs who can demonstrate proof of concept and a business plan for how the funds will be used.

Meaningful Mentoring Program
I am proud to Chair the effort of bringing the Meaningful Mentoring Program to fruition with Jessica Rivelli, founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay. This program aims to inspire women to reach out to other women through a strong and supportive community. Through the simple act of offering guidance and insight, mentors will help other women achieve personal and professional aspirations. The goal of this program is to eliminate competitiveness and encourage positive relationships between women.

The Meaningful Mentoring Program encourages connection, conversation and community. You’ll meet for an intimate one-on-one lunch underwritten by our generous sponsors. If you are selected, you will be invited to two “Mentoring Mingles” so you can catch up with your mentor or mentee and be introduced to new contacts. This opportunity is limited to 60 mentors and 60 mentees. You must be a Working Women of Tampa Bay member to participate.

For more information about how these opportunities visit: http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com