Every organization, whether large or small, requires change at some point to continue its growth. Day to day operations can make it difficult for an organization to undertake the tasks of stimulating, facilitating and coordinating the change effort. This is where Catalyst Consulting Services can step in and work with key decision makers to facilitate positive change and take your organization to the next level. CCS offers the following services to nonprofit businesses that want to reach their optimal potential: 

  • Executive Search Services: CCS can provide search services for small or large nonprofits for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Development Director. To learn more about how we can find you the best candidate for your organization click here.
  • Organizational Review & Assessment: An organizational assessment can provide you with an objective and knowledgeable perspective on your organization as it exists today. CCS can conduct confidential interviews and surveys with your internal and external stakeholders, analyze finances and important institutional documents, study the operations and provide you with findings and recommendations that will help you operate more efficiently and move strategically into the future.
  • Strategic  & Succession Planning: A strategic or succession plan will not only document the vision, mission and core values of your organization, but will also establish specific goals and measurable objectives to be carried out over the next two to three years.
  • Operations Management & Facilities Planning: Since personnel accounts for approximately 50% of the costs of a nonprofit organization, CCS can help you formulate staffing plans as well as recommendations for realistic revenue and operating expenses based on the size and location of your facility and the needs of your programs.
  • Mergers/Collaborations/Strategic Alliances: As resources become more competitive, it can be essential to assess potential partners for collaborations or expand the mission of your organization. CCS can assist your organization with a master plan to guide the effort forward.