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The Susan Terry Foundation, Sarasota, Florida

In the early 1980’s a mysterious disease was affecting young gay men.  There was much research that began to take place.  This disease was prominent in the New York and San Francisco areas of the United States.  In 1982, the CDC labeled the disease as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  In 1987 a small clinic opened up East Street in Sarasota called Sarasota AIDS Support, Inc. to help patients diagnosed with AIDS.  In 1992, Dr. Jeffery Stall and Susan Terry founded the nonprofit Community AIDS Network (CAN) and joined forces to begin the fight against HIV/AIDS.  The word spread that there was a clinic in Sarasota and patients began to come from all over the state of Florida to learn about the work being done at CAN.  These patients came because, at the time, there were no other clinics like this in their communities.  The patients left their communities and tried to escape the social stigma that came along with their HIV diagnosis which persists to this day.  

During Susan Terry’s tenure as Founder & CEO from 1991 to 2009, the organization grew from a budget of $120,000 and 80 patients to a budget of over $1.7 million and 500 patients.  In 2017 CAN announced a new brand from the Community AIDS Network to CAN Community Health and a world class team composed of  leadership to expand its services by adding dental services, pharmacy services, case management, behavioral health, and many other services for our patients.  Today, CAN currently operates 39 clinics and has over 100 providers who care for more than 26,000 patients nationwide.  CAN currently operates in 8 states (Nevada, Phoenix, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida). 

In 2022, the Susan E. Terry Foundation, Inc. (STF) was established as a separate 501 (c) (3) to honor its founder with a mission to support the parent organization CAN Community Health and other like-minded mission based organizations through compassion, community, and equity by supporting vital programs and services  The Board is now looking for its first Executive Director who shares in our philosophy to uphold human dignity above all else and is guided by the belief that organizational excellence stems from embracing inclusivity, compassion, and respect for all individuals.  

Reporting to the Board, the Executive Director provides leadership to develop, direct and execute all activities of the Foundation on behalf of CAN’s partners with the purpose of inspiring people to support  the mission in the communities we serve. The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the business plan while promoting the mission, vision, and values of the Foundation. The Executive Director will set fundraising priorities, manage the organization, and maintain STF’s leadership position in service delivery, fundraising and advocacy.  

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