Catalyst Consulting Services provides comprehensive consultative support services and works with partners who have proven experience and expertise in the area of facilitating positive change for organizations and individuals. It is our goal to be “a turn-key solution” for your organization. Each partner brings another facet of organizational change that may be required by your organization in the areas of:

  • Background Checks & Drug Screenings
  • Bookkeeping
  • Employment & Pre-employment Testing
  • Grant Readiness, Research, and Writing
  • Managed Informational Technology
  • Marketing, Communications, and Sales Optimization
  • Market Data Research
  • Public policy, Coalition Building, and Legal Issue Management

Professional Affiliations

Association of Fundraising Professionals

Association of Fundraising Professionals


Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership

Nonprofit Network for Search Consultants

Nonprofit Network for Search Consultants

Meet Our Partners

C3 Media Network, Marketing & Advertising

The team at C3 Media has over 30 years of combined experience and is our partner for project management, creative design, website development, digital marketing, printing coordination, promotional product fulfillment and more.

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ConnectOn, IT & Managed Informational Technology

Our partner for fully managed IT services or if you are need of a Co-Managed Solution that includes: 24/7 on-site and remote support, Network Operations Center/Service Desk, Cybersecurity Services, Remote Maintenance Services, Manages Microsoft 365/Google Workspace Administration, and Technology Instruction.

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Criteria, Pre-employment Testing

Criteria is our partner for pre-employment and employment testing in the areas of cognitive aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, risk, and skill. They are our go to resource f to ensure we get the right fit for our nonprofit partners.

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MBI Worldwide, Background Checks & Drug Screening

MBI Worldwide, Background Checks & Drug Screening

MBI Worldwide, Inc. is our partner for employee background checks and drug screenings because they are compliant and provide safe hiring management solutions. We partner in all of our executive searches to ensure discretion and confidence for our nonprofits seeking the best talent to lead their organization. In addition, MBI assists with volunteer screenings for any organization that requires this to ensure best practices as it pertains to interactions with the most vulnerable of populations.

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Meshem, Market Data Research

Meshem is our market research partner in the areas of employee engagement, customer satisfaction, stakeholder sentiments, needs assessments, brand awareness, brand equity, and economic impact. They are able to conduct research via online, phone, and direct mail surveys, focus groups, secret shopping, and data mining.

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My Paper Pusher

My Paper Pusher, Bookkeeping

My Paper Pusher is our partner for full-service bookkeeping services. They provide expert weekly and monthly services for growing businesses and nonprofits throughout the country. Their Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors get allow you to spend more time with your most valuable asset – your mission.

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Netco Design LLC, Web Development, OnLine Marketing, Sales Optimization

Netco Design is our partner for web development, online marketing, and sales optimization. Their team provides the necessary services for our nonprofit clients who wish to enhance the awareness and revenue of their brand through social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google analytics, and email marketing.

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Pathways to Growth

Pathways to Growth, Grant Readiness, Research, Writing

Pathways to Growth is our partner for grant readiness, grant research, grant proposal writing, and education. Their team of grant writers and reviewers have over 100 years of combined experience which allows us to deliver services that go beyond simple grant writing for our nonprofit clients who have the desire to be highly competitive and successful in their grant seeking initiatives.

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Shumaker Advisors, Public Policy, Coalition Building, Legal Issue Management

Collaboration and relationship-building with governmental bodies and other thought leaders is an essential part of any business or nonprofit’s growth and stability. Shumaker Advisors recognizes the importance of this strategic insight in all phases of our client’s success. Understanding the needs of our clients and the inner workings of federal, state, and local government is a strategic advantage as they compete for market share, expansion, and profitability in today’s ever-changing political landscape.

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