Michelle Turman, MA, CFRE is the CEO of Catalyst Consulting Services whose mission is to facilitate positive change for nonprofits in the areas of executive searches, organizational management, and fundraising. With over twenty-seven years of nonprofit experience, Turman has been responsible for increasing the impact and best practices of nonprofit organizations she serves and has raised over $75 million for the Tampa Bay community through her professional and personal philanthropic efforts.


Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

Are You Ready for A Campaign? Michelle A. Turman, MA, CFRE One of the most common objections to beginning a capital campaign is that the organizational leaders do not feel they are “ready” to begin. How do you know if your organization is indeed ready for a campaign? It’s best to begin with the needs:…

Basics of Mentoring

The Basics & Benefits of Mentoring

How to Approach and Utilize A Vital Career Tool  In the past year, the concept of mentoring has gained new momentum. Thanks to the many popular business and self-help books that have focused  attention on this subject, several people have approached me to understand this concept better. Usually, the persons fall into two categories: either…