Clarity of a leader’s self-identity is one of the strongest predictors of leadership effectiveness. Connected leaders have that clarity. They know who they are as leaders and what they believe to be the role of leadership. Further, connected leaders aspire to increasingly greater connection with others by clarifying their intention, desires, and goals and continually striving to acquire and assimilate new leadership skills and knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how your organization can create a workplace of Connected Leaders.
a. How to create clarity and consistency around the intentions of all leaders.
b. How to equip leaders to set the right direction, enlist and engage employees, and execute to deliver results.
c. How to provide leaders the skills to make the best decisions, maximize the contributions of employees, and advance company strategy.
d. How to prepare leaders at all levels to contribute and commit to learning and future success.

2. Learn how you can personally become a more connected leader by developing your leader self-identity – or Leader P.O.V.® (Point of View).

About Your Instructor:
Kathryn Davanzo, M.Ed. is the principal partner, CODA Partners, Inc. and is a nationally known speaker and trainer with thirty years of professional speaking, training, and human resources leadership experience. Davanzo’s speeches and workshops are designed to increase leadership capacity through the development of a strong Leader P.O.V.® (Point of View) and to strengthen communication skills and influence. Davanzo is the co-author of CODA Partners’ evidence-based training content and materials for individual, leader, team, and organizational development. Davanzo holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications Education from Miami University and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Miami.