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After using Catalyst, I can wholeheartedly say that we are more than pleased with our selection. The Board of Directors felt confident in our decision and the Executive Director transition was smooth and successful. We strongly believe that without Catalyst’s involvement, this process would have been a lot more challenging – they provided us with the perfect roadmap to ensure success.

CCS is unique as we are a firm that focuses solely on the nonprofit sector and has over 45 years combined experience in the areas of executive searches for positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Development Director, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting and Administrative  We truly believe that the search process for a nonprofit is very different from a search for a for-profit organization as our firm has a greater sensitivity to budget, process, and expertise versus the larger staffing firms.

Nonprofit Executive Search Services

Nonprofit Executive Search FirmOur process is tailored for each organization and includes:

  • Initial Assessment: CCS begins each engagement by taking the time necessary to understand your organization, mission and unique culture as well as the position requirements.
  • Sourcing: Using information gathered during the initial assessment, CCS builds a pool of qualified and best-fit candidates.
  • Initial Interview Screening: CCS screens all resumes received against criteria established in the initial assessment.
  • Behavioral Interview Screening: CCS conducts behavioral, in-depth interviews with best-fit candidates.
  • Final Interview: CCS facilitates the final interview with the candidate and the leadership of the organization.
  • Reference Check: CCS conducts, in-depth reference interviews with past employees to verify employment.
  • Background Screening: CCS can assist with background checks or drug screening as needed in collaboration with partner MBI Worldwide
  • Candidate Testing: CCS provides the following pre-employment testing:
    • Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) assess capabilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, the ability to process and apply new information, and verbal skills.
    • Employee Personality Profile (EPP)  reveals valuable information about a candidate’s likely work style and suitability for a managerial role from a behavioral perspective.
    • Emotify assess and measure of emotional intelligence, measuring a candidate’s ability to accurately identify, understand, and manage emotions. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is associated with important work related outcomes such as interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration, teamwork, decision making and success in leadership and management roles. 
    • lllustrait™ identifies the competencies required to perform in the job, using evidence-based recommendations from the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database. Or, if you prefer, you can choose from our extensive library of competencies to reflect your unique needs, capability frameworks, and culture.

Interim Search Services

CCS can provide interim services to fill the gap when you have an unexpected opening or when your workload increases in the following areas:

  • Interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development Services


CCS observes all employment related laws in force in each of the jurisdictions in which we work. We refer quality candidates without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability.