When we strategize our next big marketing effort, we often surround ourselves with the best people for the project. Yet we often forget to invite one of the most influential company representatives to the table: your brand. In this discussion, we will learn that a brand takes on an identity of its own. We will also look at how brands evolve and influence decisions.

Learning Objectives:
• The importance of brand standards and guidelines.
• Learn how your brand influences your audience’s perception.
• Understanding how various marketing channels support the brand.
• Embrace differentiation to set yourself apart from other brands.
• How you can grow confidence when your brand is positioned with consistency.

About Your Instructor:
Will Caban is the Vice President of C3 Media, which serves as a full-service business partner that uses creative thinking at the core of their solutions. Will has worked with C3 Media for over 11 years and has over 17 years of creative industry knowledge. He is a multidisciplinary solution provider for both his team and clients, including non-profit groups such as Love Inc of Metro Tampa, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, onbikes, Daystar Life Center, Sing Out and READ, among others. Visit https://c3medianetwork.com to learn more.