In today’s climate, how we make connections within our community is changing. To address this without sacrificing your ability as a business to sustain
existing partnerships and create new ones, we’re here to help you transform an in-person event to a streaming experience. This innovative workshop will show you how to attract and engage attendees with your organization and each other no matter where they are in the world.

Learning Objectives:
• Host streaming fundraisers
• Promote activity with other local businesses and build out engagement
• Present existing partners with a unique experience

About Your Instructors:
Trace Kingham, Event Creative Strategist and CEO of Kingham Creative Events has over 25-years of experience producing live and streaming engagement events for non-profit organizations. Kingham helps organizations looking to improve their event experiences by designing a bold and memorable experience that sets their event apart from the competition. He has produced events for many widely recognized local and global organizations, such as the National American Red Cross, SYKES Enterprises, Inc., Gulf Coast JFCS, and Girls Scouts of West Central Florida.

Effie Santos, Corporate Engagement Strategist and CEO of Red Root Strategies, has over 25 years of leadership, consulting and financial industry experience, Santos is committed to improving our communities by forging strategic collaborations between the corporate and nonprofit sectors. With deep expertise in cultivating genuine, meaningful, and unparalleled relationships, Santos uses her vast network of partners to drive business results for companies and mission impact for nonprofits. Kingham and Santos are collaborative partners of Catalyst Consulting Services and help fill the need for nonprofits who utilize special events to engage their donors and wish to explore corporate sponsorships to diversify their income stream.