Leaders with a strong leader self-identity – those who have clearly defined self-views of who they are as a leader and those who can effectively articulate this view and core beliefs about leadership to others – experience stronger connections to their teams, and greater and sustained influence on their teams and their organizational culture—helping them to be highly effective leaders.

Learning Objectives: Through real-life stories and anecdotes, Kathy will share the six steps that can lead to greater influence and impact:
1. Reflecting on the antecedents that primed your leadership journey and acknowledging the type of leader you want to be.
2. Aspiring to greater leadership connections by clarifying your leader’s intentions, desires, and goals.
3. Acquiring, applying, adapting, and assimilating the leadership skills and knowledge to advance your leader aspirations.
4. Ensuring your high self-efficacy, high self-consistency, high self-construal as a leader, and a high degree of self-esteem about your leadership role and value.
5. Discovering and defining a leadership vision in ways that gain follower enlistment and engagement.
6. Clarifying, articulating, and sharing with others, your own Leader P.O.V.®

About Your Instructor:
Kathryn Davanzo, M.Ed. is the principal partner, CODA Partners, Inc. and is a nationally known speaker and trainer with thirty years of professional speaking, training, and human resources leadership experience. Davanzo’s speeches and workshops are designed to increase leadership capacity through the development of a strong Leader P.O.V.® (Point of View) and to strengthen communication skills and influence. Davanzo is the co-author of CODA Partners’ evidence-based training content and materials for individual, leader, team, and organizational development. Davanzo holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications Education from Miami University and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Miami.