Business in the for-profit space has undergone a massive shift over the past decade. Companies today have ditched the transactional approach of the past and are now focused on creating elevated experiences to strengthen customer relationships. This relationship-first approach has proven to drive repeat customers, thus recurring revenue. Non-profits are beginning to adopt similar “subscription” style business models that are paying dividends in the form of predictable, recurring revenue, securing the resources needed to multiply their impact.

Learn about the consumer trends that led to the rise of the Subscription Economy and the steps to creating your own subscription program to capitalize on this movement!

Learning Objectives:
• Overview of the shifting landscape
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of a subscription program
• Building your subscription program
• Launching your program to your donor base

About Your Instructor:
Miraj is the Founder & CEO of Harness, an innovative technology platform that allows organizations to create & launch tailored Subscription Philanthropy programs, leading to predictable, recurring revenue streams. Miraj uses his background in Consumer Behavior to explore recent trends in the for-profit industry and how lessons learned can be applied to fundraising organizations of all sizes. Miraj is a graduate of the University of Florida, alum of Leadership Florida and a chairman of the 13 Ugly Men Foundation, which has granted over $1.5M to organizations operating in the Greater Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg area.