Catalyst Consulting Services offers a series of interactive webinars to address the most current topics in the nonprofit field. Our live webinars offer an affordable and unique learning experience for nonprofit professionals of all experience levels.

“Attending this workshop really opened my eyes to what I expect from myself as a leader, and to what I expect from those around me. We often have our intuitions of how things should be but lack the language and framing to discuss it. I’m thankful for Catalyst and the presenter Kathryn for providing me the tools and confidence to start a conversation with my supervisor about how to be a leader of equity in our field.”

– Josh, Grants Manager

Coming in January 2021, we will be offering online courses that you and your staff can access anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Here is what our participants are saying about Michelle Turman's training on Leading Change:

Michelle is a great speaker and trainer on Leading Change.”

“She provided the support I needed to make changes within my organization to move it forward.”

Michelle helped me to identify and analyze the causes of our organization’s complacency.”

Michelle helped me to create a team to support the change I needed to make regarding our internal and external communications.”

On Capital Campaigns:

Michelle is a great speaker and knowledgeble about nonprofits. She provided an in-depth overview of what is needed to manage and launch a successful capital campaign. I look forward to having her come speak to my board.”

Michelle was simply outstanding. I am so glad I took this training as it furthered my knowledge and has helped me move along in my career.”

On Creating Corporate Values:

I genuinely feel as if our training was a turning point for Staffing Resources Group.  Since that time, the chemistry amongst our team has been the best that I’ve seen it and we are definitely getting more discretionary effort than ever before.  Results are showing in our financials as a result.  Last week was the highest sales in company history and we have been on an upward trend ever since we started implementation.”

– Chris Elam, Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations
  Staffing Resource Group

On Creating a Volunteer Management Program with Value:

Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable and helped give us a better understanding of how we can enhance our volunteer program through the implementation of best and ethical practices to alleviate future potential issues and keep our volunteers accountable. Her training was well thought out, organized and executed.”

Our organization benefitted by the resources provided so we can implement a more robust and effective volunteer program.”